Boohoo's Boyfriend Jeans

I recently relapsed into my old shopping habits and bought a few things on my favorite clothes site, Boohoo. I was on the look for some new jeans seen as the one's I had were getting old and I will use any excuse to buy new clothes. 
I thought I'd share these boyfriend jeans that I picked up with you guys because I absolutely love them! They are so comfortable and great for everyday. 

I have put my feet through the holes a few times though, so be careful when you're putting them on. These look a bit baggy on my because they are a bit too big for me, but I prefer clothes that are baggy on me so I stuck with them instead of changing them. Which if you do decide to change anything, Boohoo's customer service is pretty amazing. 

I picked up this belt too because the model had it on with the jeans on the website and it looked great. I figured that without the belt, the outfit would be missing something. Like I said, any excuse to buy something. 

In these photos I am wearing my heeled boots, but you can wear some flats with them too and it looks just as good. If I'm just running around doing errands, I will wear my flat boots. If I go out and I want to dress up a bit more, I wear these black heels. 


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