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So for work everyday I do my make up using a full coverage foundation, a foundation that I love but I found it a bit too heavy for everyday wear. I feel like I'm suffocating my skin. So I decided to look at bb type ones and I came across this one on Superdrug's website. The reviews were good so I went for it. 
It's just like a cream, very light and light coverage like it says on the box. It wasn't the lack of coverage that I didn't like because that was to be expected, with it being a light coverage one (no shit Sherlock). When I applied it, it took ages for me to actually blend it in... it didn't go on very well. Then before I had even left the house, the foundation had smudged and gone all clumpy from my glasses, which I don't usually get as much with my other foundation. My face felt greasy all day and I had foundation all over my hands. I felt as if it didn't stay in place at all, needless to say I wasn't happy with it. I couldn't wait to get home and take it off. 
It's a shame because I really want to find a product that can offer me coverage and help my skin at the same time, but it was just so greasy and horrible. I felt like I had been outside sweating all day. 

Maybe if your skin isn't oily you can get away with it, but this just wasn't for me. If you know of anything similar that you think I should try, please let me know in the comments. 

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  1. Oh no! It's so horrible when you find a product you want to try and it doesn't work out - thanks for posting :) x

    1. Yes it is! I'm sure I'll find one I like soon xx

  2. I use Garnier BB cream which I find is really good! Have you tried using a matte powder after applying? I find BB creams a bit shiney!
    Thanks for posting! Xx

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