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Bank Holiday Weekend

I was unaware that we had a bank weekend coming up, so when I found out it was a nice surprise. To top it off, my brother is visiting too! It's not been the most active and interesting weekends to be honest, but it's been the kind of weekend that I needed. 
Seen as my brother was at my Mums, I went to stay at my Mums house for the weekend. Most of my weekend has consisted of us playing the Xbox. We bought way too many games and got bored of the way to fast. On Friday night we bought Outlast, I was kind of forced into playing this game by my brother... I don't like scary things, if I watch scary thing I can't sleep but this game was fun. We turned the lights off to make it more intense. If I learned one thing from playing this it is that my brother and I are both really big chickens, we were on edge the entire time. We agreed that the main character in the game is an idiot for going in in the first place. 
The next day we were telling our Mum about how freaky the game was and decided to get her to play it that night, this was a massive fail because she didn't know how to play and she didn't find it scary. She then decided that her children are wimps. After that she kind of put a downer on the game and we didn't find it scary so we got bored of it and moved on to a different game. Exciting weekend right? 

On Sunday we went for a Sunday dinner with my Granddad at The Bull in Barton-le-clay. Let me tell you this now, it was the best Sunday dinner I have ever had. The portions were big, the food was amazing and the staff were so helpful and friendly. If you are ever in the area, I recommend you go. 

So basically my weekend has been me and my brother staying up until stupid times in the morning playing video games. And to be honest with you, it's just what I needed. Sometime to just chill and not adult, to be lazy and have fun. I haven't prepared any new posts, mainly because I had to order a new charger for my camera so I haven't been able to take photos. I have been doing blog stuff, just not photos. I don't feel like blog stuff is work though, seen as it's something I enjoy. 

I also bought the #GIRLBOSS book after reading about it on Issys blog. I am already hooked on it, I will let you know all about it once I finish it. 

How was your bank holiday weekend? What did you get up to? 

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  1. Like you said, sometimes all we need is a relaxing weekend not doing very much, and it sounds like it was really fun :) I might look into #GIRLBOSS as well because that's twice I've heard about it now.

    Gail www.sherbet-aurora.co.uk

    1. I've just finished it today, it was amazing! I will be doing a post on it soon... that's how much I enjoyed it xx

  2. Sounds good to me! I love bank holidays, so nice to have that extra day. Plus the #girlboss book is AMAZING!!

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn

    1. It was nice! Yes, I've finished it and I loved it! xx

  3. Such a gorgeous picture of nature! I love it. Way to play all the video games! I hope it wasn't too much torture. I love having a day off to sleep in and be lazy!

    Single Vegas Girl

    1. It was a great weekend :) It is nice to be lazy every once in awhile. xx


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