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Snail cream.

Before anyone says anything, no snails were harmed in the making of this cream. 

LYDC handbag review

A few weeks ago, LYDC bags were kind enough to send me one of their hand bags to review* and share my opinion on. I had seen them on Twitter and absolutely loved their style so I was definitely up for working with them.

March Birchbox thoughts

After seeing it around for a while and growing to be so popular, I couldn't resist giving the Birchbox subscription box a go. I had already tried subscribing to graze but quickly decided that it wasn't for me and unsubscribed. Trying new foods clearly isn't my thing but I am always up for trying new products. I recently bought an Avon bargain bag and I was really excited to use the things that came in it. Even though they weren't things I would of picked up, they were things that I liked. So having a few products sent to me every month to keep me trying new things is a great idea.

March favorites.

 I've committed to doing a favorites post every month because I need to justify my spending. So at least this way I can say that I need to try new things for my blog. This month there are no edible products seen as I didn't get round to trying anything new.