LYDC handbag review

A few weeks ago, LYDC bags were kind enough to send me one of their hand bags to review* and share my opinion on. I had seen them on Twitter and absolutely loved their style so I was definitely up for working with them.

I picked out a white one because I think it's a great color for this time of year, they have loads of different styles and so many choices. It was very hard to chose one! 

Even though I had downsized my handbag, I was struggling too much with a small handbag and never managed to fit everything in it, so when it came to choosing I went for the bigger one. It is a great size, especially if you are like me and carry half of your bedroom around with you. You could easily fit a laptop in there too which is perfect. It has a pocket at the front that I use for my phone and has a zip up pocket on the inside, plus two little pouches for smaller things that you don't want to sink to the bottom of your bag. 
I use this bag everyday, I find it easy to carry around with me because I can throw it over my shoulder because it has a longer strap that can clip on and off. 

The one thing that worried me about it was the fact that it was white. I usually just throw my handbag down when I get to work and I was worried that it would start turning grey. I soon discovered that it has little stud things on the bottom of it so it doesn't actually touch the ground when you put it down! 
I also found that it is really easy to style with other outfits. 

I absolutely love this handbag, I have received so many compliments on it too. They have loads of different styles and sizes if you are looking for a smaller bag. The quality of the handbag is great too. 

Here's there site if you want to check them out:

Discount code: BETHAN10

*I was sent this handbag by LYDC to review but all opinions here are my own. 

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