March favorites.

 I've committed to doing a favorites post every month because I need to justify my spending. So at least this way I can say that I need to try new things for my blog. This month there are no edible products seen as I didn't get round to trying anything new. 

I bought these palettes by Revlon a few weeks ago and I reviewed them for a post but I am so happy with them that they are going in my favorites. They were so well priced and they actually stay on all day! Plus, the round bits are a bit more darker or heavier and are perfect for adding a bit of shape to your make-up. 

I am the laziest person when it comes to putting any effort into my hair so it usually does it's own thing. To be fair, when I try and do anything with it, it rebels against me and looks a mess anyway. I have started to blow dry it more often because I usually don't have time to let my hair dry on it's own, so I saw the "Plump it Up" in my mums room and decided to try it and I loved it so much that I went and bought my own and a heat protector. I really love the effect it leaves in your hair, it gives it loads of volume and makes it feel so light and great.

My skin care routine is something I'm still perfecting and looking for more products to help fight my imperfections, but I have been using this toner lately and my skin feels clean after it, I actually feel like it cleans it unlike past products I have used. It also help control my blemishes a bit too, which I of course want. 

Last but not least the Vaseline spray moisturizer (I forgot to take a separate photo but it's in the other one). I saw this in Sophie's empties post and thought it was a great idea! Just spray on your moisturizer, perfect. I bought it reduced because I must admit, it's expensive for what it is but totally worth it. I am terrible at using moisturizer because I usually leave my shower until the last minute and then end up not having time, but I used it a few times and I really love it! It doesn't go all sticky and you don't have to wait for it to dry. 

What are your favorites from last month? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. I Love the body shop so much! And those palettes look so so so nice!

    - Jenny H


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