Real Techniques review

I have always seen people talking about the Real Techniques brushes and going on about how good they are, but I have never been able to buy them. 
The other day I treated my self to the Real Techniques gift set and the stippling brush from Amazon. They were on offer so I couldn't resist it. Do you blame me though? 

The gift set comes with a lovely white pouch to put all your brushes in, this is great! It makes me feel so much more organised and it is also a great size to travel with.

I was over the moon when they arrived, the delivery was really fast. My first impression was , OMG they are so soft! I couldn't wait to use them. 

The gift set comes with: 
- A multi-task brush, I used this one for applying powder and blusher.
- Tapered foundation brush.
- Angled highlighter brush.
- Base shadow brush.
- Fine liner brush.

It really does make a big difference when you use good brushes. The brushes leave your makeup looking natural and I finish it off using my stippling brush. I must admit that I find the foundation brush a bit too small. The one I was using before was bigger and thicker, making it easier and faster to apply my foundation in the mornings. I will be using the Real techniques one, seen as it definitely leaves a better effect, but I will use it when I have more time to get ready.
The gift set cost me £15 on Amazon and it was totally worth it! I can't remember exactly how much the stippling brush cost me, but it was around £7. I will be slowly buying more, the next ones on my list are the eye brushes! 

What do you think about the Real Technique brushes? Let me know in the comments if there are any other brand of brushes that you think I should check out.

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  1. Love these brushes, I got the eye brush set about a year ago but I'm a tramp when it comes to cleaning brushes so I've not used them for a while x

    1. haha I keep meaning to clean mine, I am on the look out for a good daily cleaner! x

  2. I already own quite a few Real Techniques brushes, the next thing on my list is the brow set! x

    1. They have so many brushes! Let me know how you get on with them :) x


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