When I moved to Spain.

When I was about eight years old, my parents decided to move to Spain. Leaving behind our old life and friends. I'm not really sure why they made this decision, I think it had a lot to do with the fact that my Nan lived in Spain. Moving to Spain was a big change in my family's life and effected us so much.

I've never been a popular kid, but when I was in England I had my group of friends and my best friends. When I moved to Spain, that changed completely. I tried to keep in contact with my friends from England, but it was really hard because the internet wasn't a big thing back then so we had to write letters. I remember receiving a letter from my friend. We also spoke on the phone once, but it was so expensive to call that we didn't do it again. I've never really had a best friend in Spain... I started school and I didn't understand the language, I was SO lucky to have my brother over the years. I have had a lot of friends, but I never really fitted in with any of them. I have always been the odd one out! At first I tried my best to fit in, but then you get to a stage where you realize that you aren't like that and you slowly become yourself. I think every kid goes through that, right? 

I guess the bonus of moving to Spain at that age was that I am now fluent in Spanish. It affected my studies, everything was in a different language, so they held me back a year for not knowing the language. 

Don't get me wrong, I have friends! Well, a friend... but we don't talk often. I'm out doing my thing and he is off doing his thing, but I know I can count on him and he knows he can count on me. I've not got that group of friends from my childhood. 
This made my relationship with my brother and sister stronger (mainly my brother, as we are closer in age), we get on really well and I am grateful for that! I don't really know where I am going with this post, I just thought I would share with you guys what it was like to make such a big change in my life at that age.
Now I am back in England after twelve years out of the country, and everything has changed so much! I feel like I am from another planet at times, especially when I don't know what a 5p looks like! you should see the looks I get because people don't realize that I have been out the country for years. 
Good job I've got the ladies to teach me and show me new things. 

Have you ever experienced big changes in your life? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. I can't imagine moving to a different country and not knowing anything or anyone but it sounds like a great experience. Oh yes, you've got us to teach you ALL of the things xx

  2. I lived outside of the U.K. on and off for over ten years in Gibraltar and Spain! Gibraltar's a British colony so although schooling was taught in English, I still has to Spanish as a subject up to the end of my GCSE's. I lived on my own for the past couple of years out there so had never really lived in the UK as an adult and even though I've been back since September now, I still keep "learning" new things haha I ask super strange questions sometimes, my mum says it sounds like I've been in prison and just been released into the real world haha! I recently bought my first lottery ticket and I was asking the cashier so many questions I think she was scared haha!
    I can't imagine how hard being moved into a Spanish school must have been! Props to you girlie! xx

  3. Ah that sounds cool! I would love to visit Gibraltar one day!! Do they have English food? Haha
    I agree with your Mum, it is kind of like that... People sould fear us criminals 😂


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