Primark On Gran Via Haul...

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that last week I went to the centre of Madrid to visit the new Primark on Gran Vía.
I googled it and apparently it is the second largest one that exists.
Honestly, it is amazing. Five floors of clothes heaven! The building is amazing, the staircase as you go in is amazing....everything is amazing, plus the clothes sections are so organised and there is a shop assistant in each section ready to help.
Now unfortunately I am in Christmas saving mode so I couldn't go crazy and buy loads. But I did buy a few things and I thought I would share it with you guys.
I'm going to try and put them in order from the ground floor up, but my memory is terrible so I'm not 100% sure where I got them from.

Ground 0...
On this floor I didn't get anything. I think it is the new collection stuff or something, I'm not sure...

1st floor...
Here is where the Christmas sweaters are! They had a few Christmas items but I didn't buy anything seen as I will be spending Christmas in England, I might aswel get it there.
I did pick up a brown turtle neck swear on this floor.
It cost me 8.00€ and it's great for everyday wear.

2nd floor...
From this floor I picked up two belts and a beanie.

The belts are simple everyday belts, one brown and one black. They cost me 2€ each.

I fell in love with the beanie the moment I saw it, it's so funny! It cost me 6€ , but it's totally worth it.

3rd floor...
This is the mens floor but also shoes!
I had been looking for some nice and simple fingerless gloves but I couldn't find any for woman. But in the mens section I found some and they are perfect. You get two pairs for 1.50€ , one black and one grey.

4th floor...
The home stuff and the kids clothes.
They had loads of different Christmas stuff for your house, some nice little battery powered fairy lights too. I picked up a Christmas mug for 2€.

I love Primark and this is the biggest and best one I have been to.
If you are ever in Madrid, I recommend you visit it. I have been told that at the weekend it is very crowded. I went on a Friday morning and it was fine, it wasn't crazy busy.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! If you have been or have anything to add comment down below!
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