My Go To Make Up...

It's December! YAY! 
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I wanted to share with you guys my basic go-to make up products, these are the products that I use for my day to day make up. I do use a red lipstick usually , unless I am going to class, but I decided to share the L'Oreal one instead.

Blusher by D'Donna.
- Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara.
- Astor Perfect Stay Concealer.
- L'Oreal Paris ColorAppeal Trio Pro.
L'Oreal Infaillible Primer
- Essence Soft Touch Mousse Make up
- L'Oreal Cristal Violette 328 Lipstick.
- Avon ColorTrend Translucent Powder.
- Givenchy Eye Liner.
- NYC Brow/Eyeliner Pencil Jet Black.

These are my most used products, I am very happy with them. Apart from the Givenchy one (that was a present so I don't know how much it costs) they are very well priced and good quality. The Essence Mousse doesn't cost more than four euros and I love it! Because It's a mousse, It's matte and great for my oily skin.
The Rimmel mascara is one I use on a day to day basis mainly because it gives a very natural look... So if you want long false type lashes, this isn't the one.
The lipstick is also very suttle, I am a red or a bold color lipstick person, but if I have to go to class, this is the one I will wear.
Have you guys tried any of these products? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

Soon I will be doing a post called "Products for women over 40" I will be posting a few products that have been used and reviewed by women over 40! If there are any products that you would like reviewing, let me know in the comments!