Three Dark Lipsticks For Winter


I'm a big fan of bold lipsticks, usually reds, which you'll know if you've been reading my blog for a while. However, each season has a different style to it and for me personally, winter is the season for darker lips. So in today's post, I thought I'd share my top dark lipsticks with you, the ones I keep reaching for.

I have a lot of lipsticks, most of which are similar shades. I mean, who doesn't need five different yet the same lipsticks? Two of these lipsticks are very similar shades, but one is a bit more pricey than the other. So let's get into it, I'll start off with the more budget-friendly ones.

The only thing that ever puts me off using darker shades, is that I do have slightly stained teeth. I guess it's a mix of drinking an insane amount of coffee and smoking when I was younger, young me wasn't very smart. Although I still drink a lot of coffee now and it's not something I'm willing to give up just so I can blind people with my smile. 

Revolution Pro Supreme - Unhinged

If your lips are a bit more on the dry side, like mine are occasionally in winter, then this one is probably the best choice for you. This creamy Revolution Pro lipstick is a smudge-proof and hydrating lipstick with a matte finish. I use this one more on days when I know I'm going to be out all day, as it doesn't dry out on my lips and go all flaky like some liquid lipsticks do. I bought two Revolution Pro lipsticks a while ago and have loved them both, so I'll definitely be adding some more to my collection soon - Any shades you'd recommend? 

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour - Midnight

I bought this one well over a year ago, luckily it lasts two years once opened, which is pretty good for a lipstick. Although I love this one and it's a good budget liquid lipstick, it's not one that you could pull off wearing all day without having to reapply, especially if you have dry lips. It tends to crack a bit throughout the day, so if you're wearing it out all day, make sure you top it up. 

LASplash Classic Horror Liquid Lipstick - Drac

I impulse bought three Classic Horror lipsticks a while ago and although the "Mummy" one did not suit me at all, I absolutely love the "Drac" and "Frankie" ones. In fact, the "Frankie" liquid lipstick was part of my Red Lips For The Season post that I did for Blogmas. This Classic Horror liquid lipstick stays put, I rarely have to top it up. However, if your lips are having a bit of a crisis and are really dry, I wouldn't recommend using it without exfoliating and moisturising your lips first.

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I have more darker lipsticks in my collection, but these are the ones I use most. I'm always trying out new products, and I think now is the perfect time to add a few more darker lipsticks to my collection. So if you have any in mind that you'd like me to review, or any you'd recommend, just let me know in the comments.