Blogmas Day 3 || Red Lips for The Season

I know I wear red lipstick most of the time, but it's never more fitting than at Christmas time. Red is the colour of the season, at least it is for me. So I thought I would share a few of the favourite of my red lipsticks with you so you can enjoy them as much as I do.

I'll start with the cheapest one out of the three, as I know Christmas time usually means less money spent on yourself and more money spent on others.

With it being on the cheaper side, it's not as amazing as the others. It has a lovely and creamy texture but doesn't last as long, meaning it will need topping up throughout the day. I think this lipstick would be great for those of you that have lips on the drier side due to its creamy texture.

I often find that liquid lipsticks are a better choice if you're going out for the night or for dinner, as
they stay on your lips a bit longer. Every time I wear this one I get complimented on it, it is such a lovely classic red.

I bought this one in the Boxing Day sales last year, it's one of the first "higher end" lipsticks that I bought and I have absolutely no regrets. I always wondered if the price tag actually meant it was any better and now I know it does, this one stays put all day.

Do you have any reds that you find yourself reaching for more during the festive season? Because, although I have a hundred shades of red, I also love buying more so it makes my decision of "What one do I wear today" even more difficult.


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