Blogmas Day 23 || 2018

The only reason I'm finding this post difficult is that I can't remember what I've actually done this year, they all seem to blend into one for me. Luckily Instagram and Facebook are around for me to look back on.
My year got off to a rocky start, I wasn't in the best place mentally and I was ready to up and leave. I seemed to always feel unmotivated, stressed, tired and upset. I partly blame it on the pill, it didn't do me any favours at all so I decided to come off it and that has to be one of the best decisions I've made this year. 

From then, my year got better. Much like Kylie Jenner, I began to realise things... It was the year of realising things and growing as a person. I feel like last year I learnt a lot about what I don't want. Which at the time, I felt like I had wasted a year, now I realise that it was something I had to go through to realise that I didn't actually want it. Thank you, next and all. 

Once things started getting better, I felt energised and motivated again. Ready to get my blog back on track and working towards my goals, this year has definitely been the best year for my blog. So many amazing opportunities have come my way, like working with Soap & Glory, and I have pushed myself to attend more events and talk to more bloggers. Something that I would shy away from in the past. 

I invested in a new camera too which made me fall in love with taking photos all over again and it's made me love the content I've been putting out there so much more. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you need a fancy camera for your blog. I used my iPhone camera for years and got on perfectly fine with it, however, after years of blogging I felt like investing in a new camera was something I could finally justify. It felt like the next step for me and although I'm still paying it off, it was a great decision. 

Bleet also launched this year! If you don't know what Bleet is then I highly suggest you download it. I founded Bleet in 2017 and the app finally launched this summer and had such an amazing response. I'm still working hard on it and promoting it, coming up with new ideas, however, I don't have the money I'd need to invest in it for it to grow as fast as it could, so it's taking a lot of time and patience. I love it though and I really believe in the concept of Bleet and what a difference the app could make for bloggers, being able to meet another blogger near you with a simple swipe is the dream. 

I feel like I've changed a lot personally this year too, I feel more confident and determined than ever. Which is great and I'm looking forward to what the new year may bring. How about you? Whats 2018 been like for you?