Embracing My Imperfections

I started wearing a full face of makeup when I was about seventeen eighteen (I think), I can't remember exactly what age but I know it was a lot later than most people. I never felt the need or want to cover my face in foundation and my mum always told me that my skin needed to breathe. So I stuck to just the panda eyes look in a desperate attempt to look as cool as Avril Lavigne which I didn't.

However, when I moved to Madrid, I met a friend who was a makeup artist and she slowly got me into makeup. She taught me a few things and pointed me in the right direction on what kind of makeup I should be using on my skin and here I am, years later, running a beauty blog. Not that I have any type of professional knowledge, but I do enjoy trying makeup and sharing it with you guys on my blog and YouTube. 

I found myself doing a full face of makeup everyday and it made me kind of hate doing it, it wasn't fun or creative, it was just my same everyday look that I would apply to feel good enough to leave the house. So a while ago I decided to stop applying foundation every day and just apply a bit of powder and maybe my CC cream if I felt that my skin was having a bad day as I'm not a big fan of my acne. 

This was until a few months ago when I visited the doctors about my skin and she put me on antibiotics and gave me a strong cream for my skin. I started using the cream and, as the doctor said, it dried out my skin so much that it went all flaky. Which meant covering it up and hiding it was no longer an option as it looked much worse with CC cream on than without. This forced me to leave the house and go out bare-skinned, which at first I wasn't too happy with especially because my skin was in full break out mode. 

Having to do this made me realise that my makeup was no longer something I did because I enjoyed it, it was a mask. It had become something I did to cover up my flaws and imperfections because I had let myself feel like they shouldn't be seen. Why? Why shouldn't they? Acne is such a normal thing that so many people suffer from, so why am I hiding it and feeling like it's not normal? 

Don't get me wrong, I still love makeup and I still do my makeup when I feel like it or when I want to get dressed up. However, having been forced to go out without foundation on has made me feel more confident in my skin and I have learned to embrace my imperfections instead of hiding them. 

Another perk of not doing my makeup every day is the amount of time I save. I get to sleep more in the mornings as all I need to do is my eyeliner and I don't have to spend ages taking it off in the evenings, it's great!! 

Who knows, maybe in the future I will start doing my makeup more often, but I want it to be because I want to and not because I feel like I need to cover up my skin. Imperfections are perfectly natural, my acne is natural and so are the scars it leaves behind. I will continue to try new products to improve my skin, but I won't continue to hide it just because I've been led to believe that flawless skin is the norm and how everyone should look.