Blogmas Day 9 || It Smells Like Christmas

If you know me, which you probably don't, you'll know that I am a very big fan of candles and wax melts. I find coming home and lighting a lovely scented candle is the most relaxing thing to do. Are you watching a film? Light a candle. Having a bath? Light a candle. Blogging? Light a candle. Always light a candle. What I love more than candles, are wax melts. Wax melts give off a much stronger smell than candles, making them a better option for a more open space like your front room. 

So after seeing these lovely Bloom Candles on Rosie's blog, I couldn't resist having a look at their stuff. When I got on their website I was pleasantly surprised by the price of them, bargain but also dangerous because the "Ohhh it's only...." mindset kicks in and by the time you reach the checkout you've spent a fortune because you've added half of the store to your basket. 

Festive Melt Box

Let's start with their festive melt box, the perfect mix of Christmas scents. This box has sixteen wax melts in it, for only four pounds! How good is that? There's four wax melts of each scent, the scents being Candy Cane, Christmas Cookie, Christmas Tree and Frosted Cranberry. My favorite one is probably the Christmas Cookie, but it is difficult to choose because they all smell amazing. It says on their website that you're supposed to use one or two melts at a time, but I only use one and it does the job. I guess it just depends how strong you want the scent to be. 

Christmas Wax Pops

The Wax Pops are pretty much the same thing but bigger meaning they have a stronger scent and last longer. I got one of each of these too because I have no self-control and I want my house to smell like Santa's Grotto, don't you? They have the same scents as the Melt Box, Candy Cane, Christmas Tree, Frosted Cranberry and Christmas Cookie. My favorite one of these is the Frosted Cranberry, because they are much stronger than the melts and the Frosted Cranberry just smells better as a Wax Pop. 

You can probably expect more candle posts from me because I have some kind of obsession with them, but it's a reasonable one because a good candle makes a house a home. Am I right? Yes, yes I am. What are your favorite candles for this time of year? Let me know in the comments.