Blogmas Day 3 || Online Shops For Stocking Fillers

I love Christmas, I love the time of year and how cozy it is and I love filling stockings up with small, funny gifts for everyone to open and have a laugh on Christmas morning. Last year I did my Mum's, Brother's and Max's (the dog) stockings and I had so much fun filling them with pointless things for them to open. To be fair, it wasn't all pointless stuff... There were some useful stuff in there too. So here's a post, with some websites I'd use to buy stocking fillers online.

Not on the high street is on of my favorite online shops for gifts, it has so many unique gifts and a lot of things that you can personalized. Although something's are a little pricey for what they are, but they're usually good quality. I had a nosey on their website and picked a few things that caught my eye for you to get an idea of what kind of stuff they sell. I think the magic notebooks are perfect for any Harry Potter fan in your life, I know I have a few in mine. 


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Prezzybox is a bit more gadgetty and joke like than Not on The High Street. I personally think the lazy arm phone holder is pretty cool, it would be so handy for reading recipes whilst you're cooking or even as tripod for taking blog photos or filming videos. I might get one for myself. This site is better if you're looking for more fun gifts.

Lazy arm smartphone holder

Stocking Fillers

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I discovered this site as I was putting together this post and it was a pretty good discovering. This website is dedicated to stockings, as you can tell by the name. It seems like a lot of it would be perfect for kids, but they do have stuff for all ages and all budgets. They also sell pre-filled, yes pre-filled, stockings for £25. I guess that's kind of lazy, but Christmas can be a busy time.

Unicorn lolly
Magic growing tree
Succulent willies
Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Beans

Find Me a Gift

Now I have discovered this website it's definitely going to be my go to when it comes to buying Christmas gifts. I don't know about you but I wouldn't mind getting some hot stones in my stocking, home pamper evening anyone? Sounds perfect, add some facemasks and creams to that and you've got the perfect stocking.

Hot massage stones
Rose gold elephant ring holder
I thought I was in a bad mood mug
Beauty and The Beast Chip mug

There are so many more online shops but these are a few of my favorites. You could also buy stuff on Etsy to support smaller businesses, but it all depends on what your budget is and what you're looking for. If you know of any good online shops for stockings, let me know in the comments.