Blogmas Day 24 || It's a Wrap || Blogmas 2017

Well, well, well... What a month. I can't believe it's over already if I'm honest. After doing Blogmas last year, and not being very well prepared, this year I tried my best to prepare and plan for it earlier on in the year. Did it help?
I knew that it would be stressful and keep me busy, so I started planning posts just after summer. Unfortunately, I couldn't actually start writing them until closer to Christmas. I had quite a few posts scheduled when the month started, which helped a lot and made it less stressful.

I've also realised that I don't need to buy everything I want to feature. Some things don't need to be reviewed, they can be featured because I like them and would buy them. So budget wise, that made this years Blogmas much easier.

Although I said I'd manage my time better this year, apparently when I feel stressed my body thinks that just crashing is a great way to handle it. Which, it is not because feeling exhausted all the time just stresses me out even more, thanks body.

Another thing that made this year easier, is not posting Christmas themed posts all the time. There's only a certain amount of good ideas that I can come up with that relate to Christmas, it's difficult enough coming up with content everyday as it is.

I did enjoy it, it was fun and kept me busy doing something that I love. I would definitely do it again next year, maybe even Vlogmas... That looks fun, but we'll see.

I really hope you guys enjoyed my posts, and I really hope that you've found them helpful too. I wish I had the time to blog every day, but I don't. So now Blogmas is over, I will be going back to posting twice a week.

Did you do Blogmas this year? How did it go?