Mad Hatter Inspired Makeup

If there's any Disney film I actually love it's got to be Alice In Wonderland, everybody in that film is absolutely bonkers and I love it. If I could live anywhere it'd be Wonderland. So with Halloween coming up I thought I'd try a Mad Hatter inspired make up look. I say inspired because it's not really a full-on Mad Hatter look.

The Mad Hatter has almost ghost like skin, and although I am pale, I'm not that pail. So as a base I used my Freedom Makeup SFX Ghost Stories Kit from Tambeauty, which I'd say is a must have for most Halloween looks as it has your whites and your blacks for only £6. I smothered the white all over my face attempting to get the Mad Hatters ghostly like skin.

For the colors I used my NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette, and only this as it has SO many colors in it. I even used it for my eyebrows, I thought of maybe using an orange lipstick or something similar as it'd probably show up more but I don't actually have an orange lipstick.

I have Purple and pink on one eye, and blue and orange on the other. The contour is also from the NYX palette, it doesn't show up much in the photo but I also have the purple contour on my nose too.
To finish the look off I used  Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick in Ravishing Rose I believe, as the Mad Hatter has rather pinky lips.

I had fun creating this look. It was really easy to do, quick and pretty simple. I wish I could do the full look, costume and all.
What have you got planned for Halloween? Any cool looks? Let me know in the comments.