Ways I'm Failing at Being an Adult

My friend Rosie recently did a post called "Ways I'm Failing at Being an Adult" and it was so relatable that I thought I'd do my own version. Although I'd like to say first that I don't think anyone has everything sorted in life. When I was growing up I always thought that  my Mum had everything sorted and knew what she was doing, but as I grew up I learned that she doesn't. Is it even possible to?

#1 - Money.

I am the worst person with money. No matter how much I try, I am always broke a week after payday. I don't even know how if I'm honest, I check my bank am BOOM it's gone. Hocus Pocus I'm brokus, ya feel me? I get really angry at myself for it too because I'm well aware that it's my own fault.

#2 - Cooking.

To be fair, when I get paid I try to plan out meals and do a shop for the week. For the first week I do manage to cook a few meals, but after that I get lazy and start ordering in, which doesn't help me save any money at all. I really wish I had the energy to get up and cook in the evenings.

#3 - Washing.

Washing or keeping my clothes in order, I'm terrible at it. I will only wash clothes when I'm running really low and clean ones and have no choice, then when I do they end up sitting on the drier for a week because I don't actually have anywhere to put all my clothes. If all of my clothes are clean I have no where to keep them all.

#4 - Keeping in contact with people.

I suck at keeping in contact with friends and family, that's probably why I don't really have any friends in the blogging community. I am incapable at actually remembering to text people, or I'll read their message when I'm busy and just forget to answer later on. I'm not ignoring you, I'm just a fish.

#5  - Socializing.

As lovely as it sounds to get all dressed up and go out to meet some friends for dinner, I always chicken out of it when I have the chance. I either can't be bothered, or I can't afford it. So between the not texting back and not leaving the house, I'm starting to see why I don't really have many friends.

I can't really think of many more, which I guess is a good thing. I mean, I'm not the most successful adult but I don't think I'm doing too bad! If I had more energy I'd probably get round to doing most of these things, maybe one day.

If you haven't read Rosie's post yet you definitely should, you can find it here.