Miss Baby Roll Mascara || L'Oreal

I'm SO picky when it comes to mascara. It can't make my lashes look too thick, too fake, to chunky... it has to look natural. So when I saw this one I couldn't help but pick it up to give it a try, I can get away with doing that because I need products to review on my blog. At least that's what I tell myself. So what did I think of the Miss Baby Roll waterproof mascara by L'Oreal?

Now for £7.99 I wasn't expecting much to be honest, I love my Benefit mascara and doubted that a high street one could live up to my high expectations. My first impression was good, when I pulled the wand out it didn't have too much mascara clinging onto it like some that I have used in the past. The wand has no curve in it like my Benefit one so it didn't do as good as job with adding the slight curl to my lashes, but it wasn't that big of a difference.

I found this mascara perfect for work everyday as it's not too dramatic and stays on all day. I personally wouldn't use it if I was trying to do more of a dramatic/glam look as I like to layer it on and I can't with this one. When I tried to layer it went slightly clumpy and made my eyelashes feel really heavy and sticky, not ideal.

Conclusion; For it's low price of £7.99 I was impressed. It's the perfect mascara to wear for a more everyday natural look but don't layer it up or you'll be full of regret.

Have you tried the Miss Baby Roll mascara yet? What did you think to it?


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