Now when I noticed that my old "What's in my bag" post was one of my most popular posts, I couldn't figure out why. Then I realized that I also enjoy reading what's in my bag posts because I'm extremely nosy and love seeing what people carry around with them. Now for work I use a much bigger bag that I fill with notebooks and pencils for the day, but I thought I'd share the one I've been using over the holidays with you guys because I actually love this handbag and want to share it with you all. Fun huh? 

This handbag I picked up from Tesco for £10 or £8, big spender. I can't remember which price it was but either way, BARGAIN. I only went in to buy lunch and I came out with loads more, as per usual. It's a perfect size, fitting my massive phone , purse, unnecessarily big bunch of keys and make up.  

I always carry around my concealer, powder, a Real Techniques stippling brush and which ever lipstick I am wearing that day. If I'm not wearing a lipstick I always have my Baby Lips to hand otherwise my lips look like those of a corpse. The powder is my trusty L'Oreal Infallible which you can read all about here. The lipstick is my current favorite, which is an Avon Matte red lipstick, I will be talking all about that soon so keep an eye out if you are interested in hearing more. 

My purse is an LYDC purse that I purchased from Very seen as my old one bailed on me whilst I was trying to pay at the supermarket, cheers. It's quite a big purse, but I am a fan of bigger purses seen as I just fill them with receipts. It has a little bit in the middle for change and also little pockets at the side for cards. Unfortunately it doesn't have  a clear pocket for photos or my driving licence which is a bit of a pain but I'll survive.

I may or may not have tidied out my bag first getting rid of all the rubbish that I carry around with me because I can never find a bin when I need one and as Issy knows, this is something that usually drives me mad.


  1. First of all your bag is gorgeous, secondly I don't know how you fit all of that in there!? I use that concealer it works wonders!

    Lauren x | http://www.huggled.co.uk/

    1. Thanks :) I struggle to fit it all in but it's so much easier when you go out, instead of carrying around a big one. x

  2. Very cute bag - and this reminds me that I think it's time to get a new purse! I love big ones with loads of pockets and places for all the unnecessary things I carry round. I have so many receipts in there I tried to pay for a coffee with one once - FAIL!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Same! Gotta have room for unnecessary things, right? x


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