I've always loved the look of leather trousers, but never actually found a pair that I could bring myself to buy. I always found that the ones I picked up and tried on just didn't look right. I'm saying this as if I actually searched for some lovely leather trousers, but I didn't. I came across a few in a shop once, tried them on and didn't like them, so didn't bother.

Then one day I was doing my usual "I'm bored so I'm going to spend money on things I don't need" shop on Boohoo, and found some leather trousers for a good price. They looked good on the model so I figured I'd give them a go, and if we didn't get on I could always send them back.

A few days before, I had ordered a blouse and some boots that would make an entire new outfit, so my purchase was justified. I absolutely love the blouse, I feel like a magician when I wear it and I love the way the sleeves go out. Although it is a blouse to go over another top or something. A piece of advice though, take the label out. As you can see, I didn't.  

Get the look:

Leather Look Trousers - £13

Star Print Blouse - £8

Block Heel Boots - £15

This post isn't sponsored by Boohoo at all, I just really love their clothes and their prices. Plus, their next day delivery is AMAZING. I've ordered things at 8PM and had them on my door step by 9AM the next day, it's perfect for impatient people like me.

Thank you to Issy for the photos, I know I'm difficult to work with but I'm also difficult to live with or even be near.


  1. Love this look! Wish I would be brave enough to pull of leather trousers! The star print shirt is my favourite thing though.


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