I'm a big fan of facemasks, especially 7th Heaven ones, so when I found out that had released tubed facemasks I was eager to get my hands on them. At least I was for a day, then I forgot about them until I came across them in Asda one day and then it was something that I really needed, at least that's what I told my brother when he raised his eyebrow at me for picking something up that wasn't food.

I'm a big fan of 7th Heavens masks, they have a wide range of masks for all skin types. Which is great, some days you need a deep clean and others you need some intense moisturizing... What ever it is, 7th Heaven have got you covered. The only problem I had with their face masks was that they came in individual packets that were meant for one use only, meaning if you wanted one that should be used often, you had to buy a load of individual packs. They still sell them, and I still love them. You can read about some of the peel-off ones I've tried here, but finish reading this first... Don't go.

Their tube range consists of seven different face masks at the moment, I don't know if they'll add more or not, I hope so. Here are the ones they have;

- Charcoal Masque - Detox away oils & impurities.
- Cucumber Peel-Off - Gently peels off dirt & dull skin.
- Green Tea Peel-Off - Purifies pores deeply.
- Strawberry Souffle - Non-drying moisturizing & soothing.
- Tea Tree Peel-Off - Really purges pores & clears skin.
- Argan Oil Mud - Deeply cleanses & balances skin.
- Dead Sea Mud Pac - Hard drying & deep cleanse pores.

I did not know any of these existed until I looked into them for this post but now I know, I really want to try them. Especially the Strawberry Souffle one, as my skin has been so dry lately. You can read more about them on their website.

I have used the cucumber peel-off one twice and I will definitely be using it again. It's not too harsh on the skin, meaning you can use it often without drying your skin out. It provides a gentle clean and peels off any dirt or dead skin that you have ready to come off. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and soft.

Have you tried any of 7th Heavens new tubed range? Which ones? Let me know in the comments.


  1. This looks really nice- I've never tried these before but I'll definitely give it a go soon!

    Emily xo


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