I had been debating between doing 12 days of Blogmas or doing the full month of Blogmas for a while but I couldn't decide which one to do or if I'd have enough content to fill up all the days. One day I mentioned it to my friend Rosie and she got really excited about it and managed to talk me into doing it. She also helped me think of post, did a couple of guests posts and supplied me with photos of her beautiful Christmas decorations.

It was a week before December when I decided to do Blogmas for the full month, so I didn't really have much time to plan or schedule posts but I managed to get seven posts ready which wasn't bad. Once I'd managed to schedule that amount of posts in one weekend I felt really motivated and felt like I could do it, I would be able to write 25 Christmas posts no problem. Boy was I wrong.

There were many obstacles throughout the month, mostly being that I didn't have the things I needed to create the posts I wanted to. I put buying presents for my family first and couldn't justify spending money on stuff for a post. Christmas is an expensive time of the year you know? So I kept having to move posts around and put them off until I was able to get the stuff needed. Also trying to get all the shopping related posts up at an earlier date was a challenge. There's no point of me posting gift guides two days before Christmas so I tried my best to save my chatty posts for the end of the month.

I was doing fine up until the 15th day, then I started to struggle with writing posts that were related to Christmas. I felt so drained and lacking Christmas spirit due to the amount of pressure I was putting on myself. Luckily I had Rosie motivating me and excited to read each post everyday, which really helps. When you know someone is actually enjoying your work, it really motivates you to carry on.

A lot of ideas that I would come up with had already been done by so many other bloggers and I didn't want to post just another gift guide, it can get quite repetitive. So I got to a point where I got stuck, my dear old writers block kicked in and I felt crap about everything I was creating but I was determined to finish Blogmas without missing a post. Consistency is something I have been really good with ever since starting this blog last year, so I wasn't about to change that because of my writers block. The show must go on and all. Besides, I had a lot of posts half done they just needed finishing, editing and scheduling.

During Blogmas I have also noticed that I'm not capable of only writing review posts or similar things, I have to write chatty ones in between or I feel like my blog doesn't reflect who I am and I get stuck. So I started writing chatty posts and saving them for after Blogmas so at least I could have a good rant and then get back to Blogmas.

Towards the end I found myself sitting down to write posts but ending up laying on the floor demanding attention from Max (Our dog) because I felt so frustrated and just wanted to cry.
It was definitely a roller-coaster of emotions throughout the month, some days I felt super happy and motivated and other days I couldn't type a paragraph with out hating myself and deleting it. The joys of being a writer eh?

I also got really bad at promoting my posts on Twitter, sometimes because I forgot and other times because I wasn't tweeting much so I didn't want my timeline just to be promotional tweets and nothing from me. I need to work on that part.

Would I do it again next year? Probably but I would start preparing posts way before December begins so I could concentrate on promoting them and not panic writing them the day before they are due to go live.

Happy Holidays everybody, I hope you have an amazing day with all your families and friends. I will see you all in January back to my normal schedule of three posts a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Happy New Year too!!


  1. Well Done! Blogmas is hard, especially if you're not used to daily blogging and are busy beside your blog. I think you should be very proud of yourself. I struggled with Blogmas too, I can see where you are coming from with these points! It will be a good learning curve.

    Gemma |

    1. Thank you! I've never done daily blogging before and I don't think it would be something I'd do whilst working full time too. x


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