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Being an au pair taught me a lot of things, one of those many things being that every family celebrates every holiday in so many different ways. It's pretty amazing to get to know some of the different traditions that people have as some can be so different from your own. For example, in Spain they don't really do Santa, it's not a big thing although it is growing to be. They celebrate the Three Kings in the New Year and have a much more religious view on it.
So I tweeted out asking you guys for some of your Holiday traditions and I got some lovely replies, thank you.

@geekmagnifique : "I celebrate St Nicolas' Day (6th of December). The night before we leave our slippers by the door to put presents in. Then in the morning we open the presents and have a lovely breakfast of breads, cured meats and cheese, with hot chocolate."
Blog: http://geekmagnifique.co.uk/

@rosrush : "Christmas Eve presents! The best thing ever."

@MrsAtoB : "Mine is buying the Radio Times and sitting with a highlighter and planning all TV time!"
Blog: http://www.mrsatob.com/

@dorkfaceblog : "We always get new pj's for Christmas to wear on New Years Eve, and I'm always allowed to open one gift too. I've kept this tradition up with Gary too."
Blog: www.dorkface.co.uk

@astoldby_sophie : "On Christmas eve we always stay at home with a takeaway and put on a Christmas film, love it."
Blog: http://astoldby-sophie.blogspot.co.uk/

@sunshinesarahxo : ""Christmas morning, bucks fizz, stockings, mum, dad, sister and me in pj's opening gifts! Still going strong 34 years later!"
Blog: http://www.writingrambling.co.uk/

@elisezey : Get new pyjamas, open presents then have a big breakfast involving a lot of carbs"
Blog: http://www.zekalin.com/

Thank you ladies for sharing your traditions, don't forget to go check them out. If you have any traditions that you'd like to share, feel free to share them in them comments! I'd love to hear them.
Personally I don't really have a tradition that I do every year, I guess my family isn't very traditional.