One of my favorite things about Christmas morning is the stocking opening. It's the source off all the chocolate that I am going to spend the rest of the week munching on and feeling guilty for.

This year I volunteered to put together a stocking for my Mum and Max (Our dog) and I was pretty excited to get down the shops and find little things to fill up their stockings. I have already done a post on the bits I bought for Max, so I thought I'd share the budget items I'd picked up for my Mums stocking.

Flutter Hand Cream Floral - £1
Mix & Fizz Bath & Shower Gel - £4
Mix & Fizz Cocktail Lip Balm - £2.50

I thought I'd start with what I picked up from Superdrug, just because it's what I picked up first... No other reason. I'm not sure if the shower gel things will actually go in the stocking yet because they are kind of big and I don't think they will fit along with everything else, but I picked them up for the stocking so I thought I'd share them anyway. 

After Superdrug, I decided that the best place to go to finish off my stocking shopping was Poundland. You can always find good buys in Poundland without spending a fortune, hence the name of the shop (No shit Sherlock). I mostly picked up chocolate from here but I also found a couple of other bits that I thought would go nice in a stocking. The Galaxy box and the Cadbury box were £5 for both of them but everything else was a pound. I can't guarantee that I won't be helping myself to these once mum has opened them, sorry mum. I also picked up the candy canes. They probably won't get eaten but they are Christmassy so it had to be done. This post is dedicated to the budged stuff from the stocking, but I also picked up a few other things from Avon and The Works. I am so excited for her to open it all! If you've done a stocking post or have any shops that you'd recommend for stocking shopping, let me know in the comments. 


  1. You can't go wrong with chocolate for a stocking filler! The gingerbread bath bomb is so cute <3

    1. No you can't! I love getting loads of treats in my stocking :) x


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