Simple Anti-blemish Moisturiser

"It's a perfect blend of spot fighting ingredients and natural antibacterial goodness to maintain moisture levels throughout the day and giving long lasting shine control"

If you follow me on Twitter (You should, so go do that. Finish reading this first though) you will know that I was on the hunt for a moisturizer that would moisturize my skin but at the same time help combat blemishes and not provoke a breakout. This was a while ago and I hadn't had any luck finding one that didn't cost a fortune, so I gave up and moved on with my life.

The other day, I was in Sainsbury's and somehow ended up in the makeup aisle instead of the food aisle, don't you hate it when this happens? Anyway, I was having a look at their reduced products to see what I could try next when I came across this anti-blemish moisturizer by Simple. Now, I can't remember how much it cost me but you can get it in Superdrug for less than £5. 

I was really looking forward to giving this a try, seen as it is exactly what I was looking for in a moisturizer. It says on it that you get results from day one, now I wouldn't agree with this but I did start seeing results after a couple of days. I have been using it every morning under my makeup, which I was scared to do in case it made my foundation go all patchy but I have to say it hasn't. In fact I am really happy with how my makeup sits on it, it doesn't make my skin oily which is great.

After using it for a few days, I started to noticed that my rather noticeable blemishes because my skin is corpse color skin, was starting to look better. My blemishes were slowly becoming less and less noticeable and I am starting to feel a bit better about my skin.
I still have blemishes as my skin is so pale and the slightest imperfection shows up, but I find that they aren't as noticeable as they were before. They are also much easier to cover up (which I wrote about here).

This is definitely a product that I will be repurchasing, unless my skin decides to rebel against it like it does with other products I've loved... But so far, so good. Have you tried it? What did you think?


  1. Great recommendations, haven't seen this product before!!

    Rachael xox

    1. I've only seen it in Sainsbury's! It wasn't until I looked for it that I found it online :)
      Thank you x


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