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I always see bloggers feeling rather torn on whether they should review a product if they didn't like it. "What if I don't like the product I've been sent to review?" , well be honest but don't completely drag it through the dirt because it may not have worked out for you but others could like it. 

I always make sure I am 100% honest when I review products, even if I've been sent them. When I am looking to buy a new product and I am not sure if it is worth it, I will always look for a review on a blog because blogging has always been a way of someone expressing their views and opinions without being influenced by the brand. So if bloggers start giving amazing reviews for products just because they've been sent them, where do we look for honest reviews? 

I did a review on some products I'd received from Coconut Lane, I wasn't happy with them so I was honest in my review but I did make sure I emailed them first to let them know my thoughts and not just surprise them with a review. 

I trust that when I read someone's blog, that they are being honest with their readers. If you don't feel comfortable giving a product a bad review, that's fine, just don't give it a good one because you feel that you have to even though you didn't like it. I do think it is good to post a review even if it is bad because that gives the buyer a heads up y'know? Often I look for reviews of online clothes shops or a certain brand and I can't find anything and it does put me off buying from them. I think, why are there no reviews? Not even bad ones? Do I risk it? At least if there is an honest review out there, I can then decide whether I want to go ahead and buy it knowing what someone else thought of it. 

So always be honest with your readers or don't post about it at all. 


  1. This is so true! It's obvious when someone is lying about about ho much they loved a product so there's no point in doing it anyway. I do think you need to be kind and respectful even when you're talking about something you dislike though

    1. I completely agree with you. It may not work for you but it might work for someone else. x

  2. It's always best to be honest! I actually wrote a post about this a couple of years ago now that you may enjoy - xx

  3. I agree its always better to be honest and letting the company know first is always good, its always obvious when bloggers over exaggerate how good a product is when their reviewing it x

    S x


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