I Love Makeup But...

I really enjoy doing my makeup, I love that we are able to enhance certain features and create different looks. When I go out, I spend most of my time on my eyes. I don't really contour, I've never tried it to be honest... Maybe one day.

But as much as I love doing my makeup, there are some aspects of it that I don't like or enjoy.

  • The feeling you get after a few hours. I always wear makeup to work because I am a receptionist. It gets half way through the day and my skin feels horrible and oily because of my foundation. Although I do have oily skin and for some reason, even more oily lately. WHY?
  • Suffocating my skin. Sometimes I just wish I could stop wearing makeup for a week or two and let it breathe... but I feel like I have to wear make up to work and I would feel strange without it. I am on the hunt for a lighter foundation for every day wear, so if you know of any... Let me know in the comments.
  • Breakout cover ups. Foundation is a great way to cover up imperfections on our skin but it doesn't always look great when you cover acne or cuts. I always thinks it looks worse.
  • It goes everywhere. This may have a lot to do with my lovely oily skin, but my foundation goes everywhere! It's all over my phone, my hands and then it ends up on what ever I touch. Nightmare.
  • Taking it off at night. I try my best to take my makeup off as soon as I get home from work to let my skin breathe, but sometimes when I get home late or haven't had time to take my makeup off I really can't be bothered spending ages taking it off when all I want to do is go to bed. I always take it off though, it's really bad to sleep with your makeup on!
  • Lipstick. I love my red lipsticks, but when you go out for a meal it is really annoying having to eat carefully just so you don't up looking like the joker.
  • Space. Makeup takes up so much space. I don't know where to put it all, I need more storage.
  • My glasses. In order to see I have to wear glasses. So this is where most of my foundation ends up, and it's really annoying and feels horrible.

What do you dislike about makeup? Let me know in the comments, especially if you can relate to any of these.

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  1. omg i have the same issue with glasses!

  2. I am a receptionist and I wear glasses so I feel your pain!!! Putting on your glasses too soon after applying mascara and getting black specks all over the lens is also a nightmare!

    Beth xx

    1. But it's the only option because contact lenses are out of the picture xD


  3. I feel your pain! I often work long shifts and feel like my makeup is running down my face halfway through the day. Investing in a setting spray has helped though!

    Sian xo

    1. Has it? I will have to pick one up, cause melting isn't great haha x


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