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First of all, a huge congrats to Zoe Sugg for her new line of products and her past ones too. Absolutely killing it.

I ordered these products the day they came out ,preparing to have the post up ASAP... As you can tell, that didn't happen. They came out on a Friday of a bank holiday weekend, so it took ages for my order to actually get to me and I was also mid move so I haven't been able to use them. 
I had tried a few things from Zoellas range before and enjoyed them, so when she announced her new range I was eager to try them. I personally love sweet scented stuff and her new range is a sweeter scented range, a macaroon scent. 

Bath Latte

This is definitely my favorite product so far. First of all, the bottle it comes in looks like a little milk bottle that belongs in the fridge... it's pretty cute. The smell is great, it's sweet but not too sweet. You only need a small amount for lots of bubbles, I went way over the top and poured a bit too much in because I was snapchatting it at the same time and I obviously don't have the ability to do two things at once. 
I used this and the bath salts together, so I don't know which one it was exactly but one of them really stings your eyes... So be careful. To be fair it does warn you on the label. 

Sugar Dip

I have never used bath salts before so I was looking forward to trying them. The packaging is so pretty... it looks really nice in the bathroom. I must admit though, I feel like the Latte kind of over powered the bath salts so I didn't really notice them that much. They smell amazing, that is for sure. I will use them on their own next time and get the full effect. 

Le Fizz

The bath fizzer does exactly what it says, it fizzes up and dissolves in your bath giving the water a lovely sweet scent and leaving your skin nice and soft. If you're not that into bubbles or colorful water then the fizzer is the one for you.

Body Mist

I'm not entirely sure what the difference is between a body spray and a perfume. Are perfumes stronger? Can you wear body mist and perfume at the same time? I don't know. I have been using this body mist like a perfume and it does the job. Again, it smells sweet but it's not an overpowering sweetness. I definitely think this is a great scent for everyday use. It's not as strong as a perfume but it's nice. Perfect for work or college. I might try some of her other range.

To sum it up, I am loving the new range. Have you tried any of these products? Probably, because I posted this so late.  

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  1. The bath latte looks so good!! I've not really bothered with any of Zoe's line as its aimed at younger people but I'm itching to try that bath latte after reading this xxx

    1. The latte is great if you are into bubble baths! Just don't get it in your eyes... like I did. xx

  2. ah these look so good! I've seen so many positive things about zoella'a products, im yet to try any but next time I'm in superdrug I'm 100% picking the body mist up!

    It looks fab!

    Great post Hun!

    Love Rachel



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