Coconut Lane Review

A few weeks ago I discovered Coconut Lane and was eager to buy some of their things*. I did limit myself due to my spending ban that isn't going very well at all is going really well. I had a look on their page and loved the stuff! They have some really cute and bloggerish things so I couldn't wait to order. I did find that some of the items were expensive for what they are but I went for it anyway seen as I keep hearing about Coconut lane.

Now, I know these types of phone cases aren't very protective but I decided to risk it because it's pretty amazing and I was getting bored of having a big chunky case of my phone. The screen is already broken anyway... I just hope it doesn't brake more. At first I was very happy with the case, apart from not being able to find it in my bag because it's black. But not long after buying it I discovered that it now had two lovely new cracks at the top on each corner. I had only had it for a while, so seeing this was a big surprise considering how much the cases are (£13).I haven't dropped it or anything, I believe that the cracks are from taking the case off. 
I messaged them and let them know that I was unhappy with the case and they apologized and offered to send me a new one. They also said that it had never happened before. 
I picked a new case and it was with me in no time, I am really happy with my new case! It's a soft and flexible case so it can't crack. 

I also bought some emoji stickers. I plan to use these in my diary once I actually remember to start using a diary. I probably won't use them because I won't want to use them all up. Stupid, I know.

Last but not least, I bought a note book. Now, when I received this, my colleague said "did you really need a notebook?" questioning my ability to save. It's blank on the inside so you can use it for anything, but it also has that marble look that we all love on the outside. Again, it's rather expensive for what it is so I don't know if I would buy it again (£6).

I was initially part of their bloggers program, but after I received the products and wasn't happy with them, I emailed them to let them know and decided that I didn't want to be a part of their program. I'm never going to promote something that I don't love to me my readers just because it benefits me and I could earn money, I will always be honest with you guys.
I'm in no way saying that Coconut Lane is terrible, they do have some really nice stuff. But I find it a bit expensive for what each thing is. 

Let me know if you have ever bought anything from Coconut lane and what you think, in the comments. 

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*I was given a discount for these products, but all opinions here are my own.