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My Anxiety

A few years ago, my social anxiety really had a massive effect on my life. I avoided so many things and situations, I couldn't go anywhere with out feeling anxious. It was horrible. 
I decided that I couldn't let it get the best of me and started exposing myself to more situations that made me feel anxious, bit by bit. Still now I avoid many situations due to my anxiety but it's not as bad. I have mild anxiety compared to others, but it's still not a very nice feeling. I started cutting back on things that could trigger it or make it worse, I haven't had any caffeine since September and that's pretty good considering how much caffeine I used to drink. 
I think the blogging community has helped me come out of my shell a bit and grow, become a bit more confident with myself. I am a very shy person as it it, an extreme blusher too, so having anxiety in the mix doesn't help me at all. I am constantly putting myself down for it! I can't travel with out feeling anxious, I can't do new things with out feeling anxious about it. Sometimes I don't even need a trigger, I just start feeling anxious for no reason. I over think things and constantly feel judged.
But I am slowly controlling it more and more, before I was feeling anxious everyday... everything was a task and made me feel like I had no control over my own body. I don't get anxious that often anymore, which I am grateful for. Being more open about it and actually telling people how I feel has helped. For example, I went to visit Issy for my birthday and I had to get two trains, but I missed my first one and then I had to wait ages at each station... I had no idea where I was going and I had 20% battery so I couldn't keep my mind busy scrolling through Twitter. Issy knew I was feeling anxious about it all and made sure she was there at the train station when I came out, to avoid me panicking. I am so grateful for that! If I hadn't of told her about my anxiety, how would she have known to help me? Of course you are still going to get the odd idiot that thinks they know better and anxiety is nothing, but you've just got to ignore that because there are people that will support you. 

I just thought I'd write this post because I am always seeing people talking about it on Twitter so I thought I would write my experience for you guys to know... 

You know where to find me if you ever need someone to talk to, or anything really.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel!
    I've only recently become anxious, i was at a poetry event and randomly had a mini panic attack, since then i've felt weird like it's on an off.. gladly now it's mostly off but like i couldn't even go food shopping without getting all hot and panicky it was horrible! worst thing was there was no reason for it, i wasn't scared or worried about anything it just kinda happened.
    Maybe you could do a post on how you deal with your anxiety on a day to day bases? I'd read it! x
    - Arora xx

    1. It's horrible when you don't understand the reason for it, I'm glad that it's calmed down a bit for you!
      I could do! Thank you x

  2. This is such a brave post, well done on opening up lovely <3 I have anxiety too so I know exactly how you feel. xx

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling much better now, I think it's really important to talk about it and share it with someone you trust so you don't have to carry that burden all by yourself. And yes to exposing yourself to mildly stressfull situations, these little challenges can help a lot (I did that too when I felt the same way).


    1. You are so right, it's nice to hear that other people understand you. Thank you xx

  4. Exposure therapy is one of the best ways to treat anxiety so it's great that you started exposing yourself to anxiety-inducing situations little by little! :) I think it would be such a difficult thing to struggle with but I'm glad you're finding it easier to deal with x


    1. Yes, we can't over come our fear if we don't face it. Thank you x

  5. You are such an inspiration for every girl out there! Stay Strong!

    XOXO, IF || http://youngbooty.blogspot.co.uk

  6. So brave of you to open up about your anxiety as it's something that isn't the easiest to open up about! I'm glad you're doing better and you're managing to keep it a little more under control. I totally understand how you feel as I'm in a similar boat.

    It's always better to make people aware of it in my own experience, especially in the case of social anxiety as it allows those around you to understand your actions and reactions to certain things and situations!
    Stay strong girl!

    Jasmine | http://kkochsongi.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Yeah, for sure and it also helps other people that feel the same way... xx

  7. Hey Lucy, I can really relate to your post. I struggle from anxiety and find that blushing makes it so hard to ignore. Sometimes in situations I convince myself 'I've got this' but then I'll just blush and I feel like everyone is like 'What's up with her', 'why is she embarrassed?'

    Thank you for sharing this, it's nice to not feel like the only one!


    1. I totally understand what you mean! Sometimes I don't even feel embarrassed but I am bright red... such a pain. I'm glad this helped you xx


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