Positive thinking.

It's not the first time that I have been told to think positively for certain things. I always doubt myself and that is a terrible habit to have. I am great at giving advice but crap at taking it. 
But, lately I have been trying to think positive.
I find myself trying to talk my brain out of negative thoughts, it's like a full on conversation with my brain at times. I was told that if you act confident and positive, you will soon become it. So along with the positive thoughts are the confident ones too.

" I can't do that" - "Yes I can do it and I will"
"Nobody likes me" - "Nobody knows me so they have no opinion of me"
"I don't fit in here" - "You fit in anywhere you want"
"They hate me" - "Be confident and be yourself"
"I'm not going to get the job" - "I can get this job"
"Just look down and avoid all eye contact" - "Head up and smile, be confident"

They are just an example of some of the negative thoughts that pass by my mind. It sounds ridiculous, but it really does effect you! The only thing stopping you is you!
I'm not going to act like I found my confidence and I am now more positive and all that, cause I'm not. But I am trying. I feel like there are so many things I could accomplish if I was more confident and positive.
I have just started a new job and I was so happy that I got the job, I couldn't believe it! As soon as I found out I had to go for an interview, I was telling myself that I could get this job and to be confident. I smiled and tried my best during the entire interview to think positive. Once the interview was over I felt good, but as soon as I got home I was doubting myself again. "Maybe if I would have said...." or "I shouldn't of said...". I tried my best to stay positive and two days later I received an email from them informing me that I had got the job! I was over the moon.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you really need to believe in yourself before anyone will believe in you. We don't need the approval of others, we need our approval. You need to be happy with who you are and what you do.
I need to learn this too.

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